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Tuesday, September 12, 2017
Dean of the Faculty invites to faculty seminar, on monday the 18th of september at 14.00 (in Mathematical Institute). The lecturere will be Kate Juschenko (Northwestern University), lat year laureate of Kamil Duszenko award, with the lecture "Cycling amenable groups and soficity". Coffe and cakes will be served at 13.30 in 311 in Math. Inst..

Abstract: I will give introduction to sofic groups and discuss a possible strategy towards finding a non-sofic group. I will show that if the Higman group were sofic, there would be a map from Z/pZ to itself, locally like an exponential map, satisfying a rather strong recurrence property. The approach to (non)-soficity is based on the study of sofic representations of amenable subgroups of a sofic group. This is joint work with Harald Helfgott.